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Genvet-A professional partner for VET

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Shenzhen, China, Nov. 11,2020 -Genrui Biotech Inc., a Shenzhen- based leading Chinese company work on developing, manufacturing and marketing IVD equipment and reagents announced a new brand- Genvet, and a series of professional veterinary diagnosis equipment. Genvet is a professional veterinary diagnosis brand aimed at improving pets’ healthcare. Genvet product launches across its entire range of chemistry, hematology, immunoassay, etc.
During the event, Genvet’s International marketing director Ethan Jiang demonstrated Genvet’s total solutions for veterinary diagnosis. Especially, the following popular new advanced products should be noticed:
VP10- a chemistry analyzer gives a real definition of ‘P.E.T’.
Portable- Only needs a small space to store. Easy to operate- Smart ‘all-in-one solution’ comprehensive management system and simple test steps. Tailored to specific needs- provide customized solutions adapted to your needs, variety test panels are provided.
VH50- 5- part hematology analyzer, Compact Yet Powerful, results include 25 parameters, 4 scattergrams and 2 histograms. Easy to read with Built-in 10.4-inch color touch screen. Applying real 5-Part Hemanalysis Advanced technology (Tri-angle laser scattering and flow cytometry) Direct counting and differentiation for Basophil.
VF10 - an innovative immunoassay analyzer for professional veterinary diagnosis. Itis widely used for pregnancy, inflammation,
virus test, endocrine test, etc. Testing process is simple, add sample, insert cassette, then results can be displayed.
Besides, equipment adopt VIMS (Veterinary Information Management System), it integrates all reports for better animal disease diagnosis.
About Gevnvet
As subsidiary brand of Genrui, Genvet work on veterinary diagnosis, it is a professional partner for veterinary diagnosis. Genvet’s diversified portfolio is comprised of Immunoassay, Chemistry, Hematology, etc. As previously announced, Genvet has launched a new product website, the new site integrates all Genvet veterinary diagnosis solutions. Customers will have a greater ability to make highly educated product decisions with the availability of Genvet's website.
Forward looking statement
‘The Global Veterinary Rapid Diagnostic Tests Market is showing positive signs of growth. animal diagnostics market is projected to reach USD 3.0 billion by 2025 from USD 1.8 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 9.8%.’ commented Genvet’s vice president Hector Chen. With the current new business opportunities are sprouting in the market. He added ‘Genvet will increase technology, research, and investments constantly to explore new markets to expand their business globally and locally.’

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